The Real Secret Moves

Not too long time ago, right before Youtube and Internet starting to become popular, jiujitsu was totally a different game. I was told a lot of academies in Brazil were keen to invent their own signature moves and 'secret techniques'.
There were always new techniques used in major tournaments that would surprising everyone. Now there's no such a thing as 'secret technique' in the bjj world.
A few clicks on the Youtube,you'll be able to learn the most advanced techniques that could possibly be invented as short as a few days ago.

But why don't we still be bothered to spend money, time and energy commuting the academy?Because the technique itself is just like a weapon, we need guidance, hours of hours training on the mat to polish it, so that it will become more efficient and lethal.

The real secret move lies inside ourself, it's how we approach and interpret and make it to our own version. This is something that we will never be able to learn on the internet nor instructional DVDs.

不久之前、在Internet和Youtube尚未興起之時、聴聞巴西的許多道場均熱心開発自己的「秘密招式」。毎次大規模的比賽均能看到新鮮出炉的各種新招式、籍此使対手震驚。現在在柔術的世界、随着internet的普及、己不存在所謂「秘密招式」。毎天均有成千上万的新招被上載在Youtube. 但是盲目地去追随網上的新式、是否能令毎一個人有急飛猛進的進歩(口尼)?我是不如此認為的。
認真地聴従Professor的指示和Advice、脚踏実地地花時間在mat上練習才是唯一的方法。真正的「secret moves」不是従網上、或DVD上学来、是取決在大家如何把別人的招式貫通、並融入自己的打法中去。

香港柔術 顧 一未 Brad Ku

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